About and Rules

This is a Sims 3 Surrounded by Idiots challenge in which you only control one sim, The torchholder or TH and leave the rest of the sims on free will

The original rules

Below are the rules I will be using

Each Generation must have two pregnancies. In Gens 3, 6, and 9 both parents must have the fertility treatment if they can afford it. if not children’s tv and radio must constantly be on,

all rewards are allowed for heir, Idiots cannot have any related to needs

all traits apart from the insane trait are to be randomized.

Spares must be moved out on YA birthday or heir must move to new lot on YA Birthday.

You can have hampers

you can freely chose work and school tones

You can hire all services


-5 Self wetting

-5 passing out

-5 fire on stove/grill

-5 leaving babies/toddlers in snow or outside alone even on birthday

-10- Sleeping Outside

-15- Being Frozen

-20 Failing school

-20- Demotion

-30 fired

-50 Accidental death

-50 Social worker visit

+5 each birth

+5 for each fully skilled toddler

+5- Honor Role

+5 per friend outside household that Idiot has

+10 Heir maxing skill

+20 Heir maxing career

+40 Heir fulfilling LTW

+50 Idiot Fulfilling LTW

+40 Idiot maxing skill

+50 Idiot maxing career




I play on a custom normal lifespan- Babies- 2 days, toddlers -7, children- 7, teens- 10, ya and adults- 22 and elders- 20