Chapter 4.4- Toddler Development

Basil enjoys playing with the shape sorter even if sometimes he gets frustrated when the shapes don’t fit and bangs them in.
I cook spaghetti a lot seeing as the kids love it and I seem to be craving it too.
Basil mastered the shape sorter, what a clever boy I have
Basil was great at toilet training and he caught on very quickly. He only wears nappies at night now.
He is also quite the chatterbox and learnt to talk quickly, now I am just teaching him to join his words together to create sentences.
Skip loves to watch tv
He is a great help though and will sometimes feed the children so I can catch up on my sleep, looking after two toddlers whilst pregnant can sometimes be exhausting.
Basil soon learnt to walk too and is now constantly getting into mischief
Fern loves cuddling
I had to wash up my hand as my hubby managed to break the dishwasher again
I then had to go and repair the dishwasher despite my pregnant state.
Total Points-255


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