Chapter 4.1- Starting my adult life

Hello and Welcome, My Name is Amber and I am now leading my family legacy. For those who don’t know me, I am one of six children. My parents had two sets of triplets. I am Insane, Nurturing, Irrestible, Inapproriate and brave and want to explore space. This is my new home.
I headed down to the military barracks and got a job.
I then went for a jog around town
I like to go to the gym to work out as I can also meet new people at the same time, sadly mostly it’s full of the elderly or middle aged men. I did improve my athletic skill which is good for work though
I went down to the karaoke bar as it was meant to be a hotspot, it only had an old man, a middle-aged man and a dog when I arrived.
I stayed for a while and local celeb Constance walked in, I managed to impress her and we became friends too.
I am becoming quite handy in the kitchen and hardly burn food now.
My hard work soon paid off and I got promoted.
I have also started dating a lovely man by the name of Skip Broke
I like to watch the stars and name the clouds with him
I was soon halfway through the Athletic skill
I also got another promotion.
Total Points-235


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