Chapter 3.15- Time to move on

Pineapple tired of fixing broken appliance went around the house upgrading them so they wouldn’t break.
Bronze played the drums
Pineapple didn’t upgrade the washing machine in time and had to fix it again after it was overloaded.
He and Hinni are still as romantic as ever and love to hug and kiss each other.
Tango is becoming quite the celeb.
Pineapple read a handiness book and maxed his skill.
The older triplets become young adults. From Gen 4 the story will be told in first person from the heirs point of view.
Amber the heir is Nurturing and wants to be an astronaut
Bronze loves supernaturals and wants to go into science
Honey loves the environment and wants to see a rich spouses ghost.
Total Points- 235


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