Chapter 3.13- Science Experiments

Pineapple wanted to learn all the potions so set to work experimenting at the chemistry station to create them.
He was doing well at work too and was soon promoted
Bronze and Amber decided to do their homework in the old playroom on the floor.
The washing machine decided to break and started spraying water everywhere so even though he was tired and hungry, pineapple had to fix it.
Pineapple also decided to play the drums
Bronze is very athletic and is already halfway through the skill
Honey prefers to be artistic and sculpt objects and furniture with different materials.
Despite an exploding potion, Pineapple being singed had to fix the shower before using it as someone decided to break it.
He also loves to swim in the outdoor pool despite the fact it’s winter and snow is everywhere
He fixed the sink and developed his handiness skill even more. Now he can make the appliances stop breaking down
He also got another promotion and achieved his lifetime wish
Total Points- 225


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