Chapter 3.1- Island Life


Seeing as Pineapple wants to become a Diver, He decided to start his adult life on his own and moved to the new town of Isla Paradiso.


He went snorkelling near the beach and found a teddy bear and some shells, Surprising the bear was dry.


He enjoyed cooking meals, he had lots of money in the bank but he preferred to make his own meals rather than eat out every night.


He also enjoyed exploring underwater


He had soon started dating too, a lovely lady by the name of Ginni, they liked to hang out at the resorts around the island.


He also found chests full of treasures when he went Scuba diving


Pineapple and Ginni were soon in a long term realsionship and enjoyed visiting the local beach in their dates.


Pineapple enjoyed exploring caves also and soon had level 6 in Scuba diving


He also kept fit so the sharks and other creatures in the sea couldn’t catch him


He soon moved to a beach home and upgraded it.

Total Points- 195


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