Chapter 2.12-Science Discoveries

Indigo headed to the science labs to give them the data she had collected. It wasn’t relative to their task so they only paid her 27 simolens but she did improve her science skill.


She then returned home and collected a d.n.a sample from her husband.


Pineapple decided to play the basketball arcade game and he did quite well, he only missed the net once.

Both Buttercup and Corn wanted bedtime story and it took 4 hours for both to get to bed but at least they made and no one passed out.


Indigo improved her science skill


Don died of old age whilst chatting with his youngest son about the weather and sent the whole family into a bad mood.


Pineapple took over bedtime story duty.


Indigo decided to go for a run on the treadmill at the highest setting and fell twice but just got back up and carried on running.

Corn became a teenager.


The family ate cake together.


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