Chapter 2.10-Alien Toddlers


Dandelion decided to try her hand at cooking and made breakfast for everyone, Thankfully it didn’t burn and she didn’t set fire to the stove or the house

Buttercup became a toddler and has none of her dads features


Pineapple played on the slide

Indigo taught Buttercup to talk and use the potty and also to walk


Don went for a swim


Dandelion read Pineapple a bedtime story

Soon it was time for Dandelion to leave the family home and start her own life, She was now eighteen. The family brought her a lovely home and lended her some money to start her new life with.


Pineapple brought a friend home from school who decided to watch Indigo relaxing in the pool in her outerwear.


Corn played with the dolls

Corn became a child.


Pineapple pretended to be a pirate soaring the seas.


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