Chapter 1.13- The House


Azul did his homework, finally someone used the table instead on the floor or the street.


Lapis has started dating someone new


Chris lifetime wish was changed


Lavender played in the sand in the snow


Colbalt becomes a child and hates Technogly

Soon it was Snowflake day, Chris and Lavender got their bonuses so whilst they are at the festival, their home can be redone.


Colbalt was enrolled in boarding school

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The new home consisits of an enclosed playground for the children, A smaller greenhouse but still spacious place to grow food in, The top floor is the entertainment area and later on the heirs bedroom will be placed up there. Second floor consists of a master bedroom, nursery and kids room and downstairs is a kitchen, dining room and living room plus a small bathroom under the stairs.

At the festival, the family enjoyed skating mostly, Lavender enjoyed showing off and getting her face painted too.


They had so much fun that when they arrived home, Both Cobalt and Azul had a little accident.


Lavender loves the entertainment area and has found a new hobby sculpting. She was soon halfway through the skill.


We end this chapter with Colbalt heading off to school


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