Chapter 1.12- Birthdays Galore


Bleu decided to hang out in the treehouse and look around the neighbourhood using his binoculars.


Lavender did an opportunity at city hall and earned some money


Azul finally ventured outside and played in the sand box


Indi played on the slide outside her school


Lavender fixed the washing machine then made it unbreakable

The triplets all made Honour role


Cobalt played with the doll’s house


Lavender mastered fishing but I missed the notification but here’s the proof


Cyan is doing well for himself. He is in his dream career and even got a promotion


We have quite good luck with babysitters around here, this one even entertains him

The triplets become Teenagers. Azul rolled can’t stand art.  Bleu rolled Proper and Indigo rolled Star Quality

Here they are after their makeovers.  Indigo, Bleu and Azul.




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