Chapter 1.8- The Big Suprise


Lavender had run out of things to upgrade at home so started upgrading the sinks and toilet at the local salon. She did go there to get a tattoo but couldn’t as her last risky woo-hoo had left an impression.


The Backyard was used regurly no matter the weather, the starfish family didn’t care, they would jump and slide.


Chris liked to play in the sand box


With all the promotions, Lavender and Chris had, they made the greenhouse bigger to house all the produce Lavender was growing


Lavender still went fishing most days and was fishing when she went into labour, She rushed home and barely got through the door before the triplets arrived. They all have the star sign Aries.


Frist was Azul. He is Insane and Loves the outdoors, His Favourites are Geek Rock, Goopy Carbonara, and Blue.


Then came Indigo, the only girl. She is Insane and Good. Her Favourites are Egyptian, Ceviche, and the colour Seafoam.


Finally Bleu arrived. He is Insane and a Loner,  His Favourites are the colour Blue, Dark Wave music and Hamburgers.



Lavender and Chris are now adults. They turned adults on Aqua’s Teen birthday. Lavender is going through a midlife crisis and wanted some muscles so she headed down to the gym. She got her wish and improved her athletic skill too.


Lavender got promoted.


She finally got the tattoo she wanted.


Chris got promoted


The triplets became toddlers. Indigo aged up first. She is the heir, she has blue skin and hair and purple eyes.  Azul and Bleu both have blue skin, purple hair and eyes but Bleu’s skin is lighter.


Now so toddler spam because they are so cute.


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