Chapter 1.5- Childhood enjoy while you can


Lipas got a new look as her old hairstyle sometimes looks weird


Lavender got promoted


She also maxed her Handiness Skill


The three tots were finally on the same sleep schedule so Lavender could sleep better too


Aqua became a child and rolled the Photographers eye trait

Aqua likes to play video games on the computer, pretend to be a queen and have pillow fights with the babysitter.


Chris finally got a promotion


Lavender had to fix the dishwasher


She read a bedtime story to Aqua in her own bed which Aqua then slept in.


Lavender and Chris had some fun in the treehouse whilst their kids slept.

The Family took a trip to the winter festival. Chris ended up leaving Cyan there

Lipas and Cyan become children. Lipas rolled Inapproriate and Cyan Athletic.


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