Chapter 1.4- The Exploding Washing Machine.


Lavender of course had to teach her little Aqua to walk and talk despite being heavily pregnant and she choose to do it in her swimwear despite the fact it was Fall and quite cold.


Lavender also fixed the bath when it broke. It did help improve her skill though


Chris enjoyed playing computer games.


Lavender also pottytrained Aqua


Aqua found a new unique way to use the pegbox

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The Family took a trip to the fall festival, Lavender even explored the spooky house and Chris got his face painted.

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Upon returning home, Lavender went into labour and the twins were born.  Frist was a little boy named Cyan. Cyan rolled the perceptive trait to go with insane. He likes Kids Music, Falafel and Spice brown and is a Virgo. Then came a little girl named Lipas. She likes Classical Music, egg rolls and Lilac. She rolled Brave and is a Virgo of Course.


Lavender don’t like little Aqua to feel left out and still finds time to play and chat with her despite having to care for two newborns and work as well.


Soon the twins were adorable toddlers.  Cyan is a male clone of Aqua. Lipas has her dad’s skin but her mums hair and eyes.

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Of Course Lavender had to teach the twins to walk and talk and use the potty. Chris stood around watching or played on the computer.

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Toddler spam time because they are just so cute.


Lavender also had to fix the washing machine before it flooded the whole house.



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