Chapter 1.2- Adding a Idiot


Her garden was coming on nicely too, soon she would have grown her first lot of produce and would be able to use it in her meals and sell the excess for a bit more money.


She still loved to skill at the library and she had soon improved her gardening skill to level 5 then to Level 6

Now that she had some cooking skill, she decided it was time to cook again and guess what happened, yes the stove caught on fire again.



She had some cereal instead then started to clean up the burnt marks and all the grime in the house

Soon Leisure day arrived and Lavender headed to the festival but she didn’t have fun eating and skating, no she was searching for a spouse and she found one, Christopher Steel. They spent the day chatting and were soon sharing their first kiss and becoming a couple. Lavender then proposed which luckily he accepted and they had a private wedding in the dark lit park.

Being a homeowner before his marriage to Lavender, Chris despite having no job brought in quite a lot of money. The old home was demolished and this new much larger one was bluith. There was even enough left over to start building a greenhouse for Lavender’s plants. The main room now has a Kitchen, Dining Area. A Living room/ study, bathroom, master bedroom and a large kids room.



Chris free action was used to get him a job. He now works in the Medical Career. Lavender now had a better stove to cook on and her pancakes she made came out normal with no burning or fires.


She did decide to show off her insane side by rummaging through her own bin, I wonder what for.


She and Chris soon decided to try for their first child.


Lavender read some handiness books at the library and improved her skill to Level 6.



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