Chapter 1.3- Hello Aqua


Chris enjoys chatting to his old friends on the computer


Lavender loves learning new recipes by watching the cookery channel.


She also loves having fun with Chris in their bed


Chris is also a big help with cleaning around the house


He likes to read


Lavender’s garden is doing really well and so is her skill. She can now plant more as her skill is Level 7.


Chris also does the laundry


Soon Lavender went into labour and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She named her Aquanetta. She rolled the Brave trait and was of course given Insane. Her Sign is Aries and her favourites are Goopy Carbonara, Soul Music and the colour Spice Brown.

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Lavender soon maxed her Gardening Skill


She was in the library of all places when she found out she was expecting her second.

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She soon had planted enough fruit and vegetables to complete a skill challenge


Soon Little Aqua was a toddler and an adorable one at that with her mum’s skin, dad’s hair and eyes. She does look quite evil in this picture as she tries to eat the doll.



Chapter 1.2- Adding a Idiot


Her garden was coming on nicely too, soon she would have grown her first lot of produce and would be able to use it in her meals and sell the excess for a bit more money.


She still loved to skill at the library and she had soon improved her gardening skill to level 5 then to Level 6

Now that she had some cooking skill, she decided it was time to cook again and guess what happened, yes the stove caught on fire again.



She had some cereal instead then started to clean up the burnt marks and all the grime in the house

Soon Leisure day arrived and Lavender headed to the festival but she didn’t have fun eating and skating, no she was searching for a spouse and she found one, Christopher Steel. They spent the day chatting and were soon sharing their first kiss and becoming a couple. Lavender then proposed which luckily he accepted and they had a private wedding in the dark lit park.

Being a homeowner before his marriage to Lavender, Chris despite having no job brought in quite a lot of money. The old home was demolished and this new much larger one was bluith. There was even enough left over to start building a greenhouse for Lavender’s plants. The main room now has a Kitchen, Dining Area. A Living room/ study, bathroom, master bedroom and a large kids room.



Chris free action was used to get him a job. He now works in the Medical Career. Lavender now had a better stove to cook on and her pancakes she made came out normal with no burning or fires.


She did decide to show off her insane side by rummaging through her own bin, I wonder what for.


She and Chris soon decided to try for their first child.


Lavender read some handiness books at the library and improved her skill to Level 6.


Chapter 1.1- The Start of the Crazy Fun



Meet the Lucky Founder of this Legacy, Lavender Starfish. She is Insane of course and her other traits are Heavy Sleeper, Bookworm, Loves the outdoors and Friendly. Her Lifetime wish is to become a Creature Cross Breeder, her favourites are Pink, Pop and Pancakes and her star sign is Pisces.

She will be starting her legacy in this lovely starter house in Sunset Valley which I mostly kept the same. The bedrooms, everything was deleted and a double bed and some lights put in the smaller room, the bigger room was left blank for now.


Frist things first, she needed a job so she headed down to the local labs and got a job as a Test Subject, Isn’t she lucky.

She then Explored the local sites, she headed to the park but the festival wasn’t in town yet so she headed down to the library where she read some gardening and handiness books to get ahead in work despite the fact she doesn’t start for two more days.


She also went exploring the local fishing spots and did some fishing, she didn’t catch much but she did gain some skill so maybe next time, she will catch something

She decided to cook herself some dinner despite not having any cooking skill and the stove caught on fire. She did manage to put the fire out though



She then planted some seeds in her new homegrown indoor garden using the fancy grass rugs from in the future, at least something in the game that I can use.


The library was her favourite place to be and she used it for skilling a lot.


She decided to watch the cookery channel for some tips before she set the stove on fire again.


She was soon promoted at work so all that skilling at the library had worked out, she just needed to find someone now to start a family with. She used her bonus from her promotion to install the new laundry system as her home was getting clogged with clothing despite the fact only she lived here.

Total Points= -5, Already in negitives and she dosen’t even have idiots yet.